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Meet our Industry Leaders: Humphrey Visser


November 26, 2021

Humphrey Visser
Humphrey VisserProfessional Valuer

Industry leader: Meet Humphrey Visser

Every month, SAIV profiles some of our most established property valuers who have become leaders in the industry due to many years of experience.

What made you pursue a career in property valuations? Realising early in my career that my construction related background is woefully insufficient to understand property.

Who do you think has had the biggest influence on your career today, and why?
Richard Whittle MRICS, who was one of my previous mentors. He made sure all aspects of valuation methodology were properly ingrained in me. Richard had a vast array of commercial skills and experience and happened to be a very “down to earth” and likeable person.

The strangest property you have ever been asked to value?
Valuing air rights on top of Gautrain station in Sandton.

What do you think is one of the worst, but perhaps most common, mistakes a property valuer can make?
Switching off” and filling in templates just for the sake of getting through the work.

Complete this sentence: Every property valuer needs…to have an open mind, and be ready to learn something new every day. Most important of all, to enjoy what you are doing.

Looking back on your career, what has been the biggest change you have noticed in property valuations in South Africa?
Internet-based valuation tools. This includes demographic/GIS data and market participants’ property reporting via various platforms.

What risks do you see facing the property valuation industry today?
Numbers-wise, the influx of young professionals feeding this profession appear to be below what the broader property market and lenders are requiring. The gap is growing.

Any advice for young people looking to pursue a career in valuations?
After completing your studies and gaining some experience, identify what type of property and/or field of specialisation you’d like to pursue, then go for it…… You will excel…..

Are there any specialised properties which you believe would be worthwhile for any valuer to develop specific skills in valuing?
Nothing is standing out. Our profession has ample members dealing with specialised properties, either be it fuel filling stations, leisure properties, game farms, airports, and marine leasehold land, just to name a few. Regarding fuel filling stations, valuers dealing with these may well need to start thinking if the principle of valuing income in perpetuity, albeit on a reversionary basis, is still correct or not.