The SAIV is a collective body (custodians) that lobbies and promotes, on behalf of Members, for the betterment and growth of the industry, maintaining and delivering international best practices to protect and ensure the continuity of the profession.

  • Being a member of SAIV will help you expand your professional network and share knowledge with like-minded professionals.
  • SAIV is the only body that represents the majority of valuers in Southern Africa
  • The first point of contact when people enquire about valuations
    • The only body that provides valuation training for continuous professional development and CET
  • Members benefit from discounts on various profession-related products and services.
  • Members receive a 50% discount to attend workshops and seminars.
  • SAIV provides educational programmes, sources of data and information; and is the leading body which provides valuation related education and training through seminars and workshops.
  • We bring career opportunities to our members’ attention.