City of Cape Town GV2022 Objections

Valuers, make sure to keep track of the Objection Deadlines and share these important tips with your clients.

Ratepayers are encouraged to contact the SAIV who can connect you with a recommendation of qualified valuers who can assist with your Objections.

Attention Valuers & Ratepayers

With the closing date nearing for the CoCT’s Provisional GV2022, here are a few pointers to keep in mind with this year’s Objection Process

  • Objection Period and Closing Dates
    • In-person, at public inspection and objection venues close on 31 March 2023
    • Electronic submissions via e-services or email close on 30 April 2023 
  • Valuation Roll
    • The valuation roll is on the CoCT website and contains the following information for an individual property:
      • CoCT Property Reference No.
      • Erf Description and Allotment
      • Street address Rating category
      • Erf extent
      • Municipal valuation as at 01 July 2022
      • Effective date and the date of the closing of objections.
  • Requirements for a Valid Objection
    • Objections must be submitted on the prescribed objection form.
    • Well-motivated Objections use market related information as at the date of valuation – 1 July 2022 e.g., comparable sales
    • Objections must be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation if your property is commercial e.g. annual financial statements
    • The Objection must be against the entries on the valuation roll, and not against the amount payable for rates
  • NB (as from the CoCT)
    • Late Objections will not be accepted
    • The information requirements on the objection form are prescribed by law. Failure to complete the objection form in its entirety may result in the objection being disqualified.
    • Unmotivated objections will be rejected.  The requirements of what to submit as supporting evidence is on the FAQs which is accompanied with the valuation notice (GENERAL AND SUPPLEMENTARY VALUATIONS FAQs)
    • Estate agents’ one-page opinions of value, with no sales, will be rejected.