What is a Property Valuer?

A valuer is a skilled professional person who determines the value of immovable property for various purposes. A great many decisions involving immovable property are made daily by individuals, companies, banks, central, provincial and local government, statutory institutions, etc. and in making these decisions the skilled valuer’s expertise is indispensable.

Valuations are required for: decision making when buying, selling or expropriating immovable property; deceased estates, mortgage bonds; levying of rates; insurance and investments purposes; rental determinations; leases; servitudes and for many other purposes.

In an ever changing economy, property values are never static and therefore a valuer has to continuously research economic trends, because they often have to predict future trends to make a valuation.

In summary, a valuer conducts valuations on residential, commercial, business, industrial and agricultural properties for a variety of purposes including sale, purchase, letting and mortgage.