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SAIV brings together industry leaders to discuss ESG within Valuations

Nov 18th, 2022|Press Releases, SA Valuer Blog|

16 November 2022. The South African Institute of Valuers (SAIV) hosted the Berg Seminar at the Cathedral Peak Hotel on 28 – 29 October 2022. The place was abuzz as the delegates arrived in

Concern and optimism for the property sector | Patrick O’Connell

Nov 4th, 2022|SA Valuer Blog|

SAIV Past President, Patrick O'Connell is featured in the latest issue of Asset Magazine, where he touches on a number of issues including retail constraints, investor concerns, office vacancies and outlook for 2023. When

There are so many other contributing factors to value – An Example | Dave Furness

Nov 3rd, 2022|SA Valuer Blog|

In this article, we look at an example of the multiple value-attributing factors when determining the value of a property. A property is purchased at a price/value determined to have a market value of

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