The objectives of the Institute are:

  1. to promote the common interests of persons carrying on the valuers’ profession. In so doing the Institute shall not participate in any business, profession or occupation carried on by any of its Members, or the provision to any of its Members of financial assistance or of any premises or continuous services or facilities required by its Members for the purpose of carrying on their business, profession or occupation;
  2. to utilise its funds solely for investment or for its objectives and not to distribute any of its profits or gains to any person, and upon its winding up or liquidation, to give or transfer its assets remaining after satisfaction of its liabilities to some other institute, society or association with objectives similar to those of the Institute;
  3. to admit to Membership of the Institute persons who in the opinion of the National Executive are competent and qualified valuers primarily of immovable property, by reason of their possessing the qualifications prescribed by this Constitution, to encourage all such persons to join the Institute and to unite all suitable members of the profession of valuers into a single body;
  4. to encourage and promote the study of any matters related directly or indirectly to the subject of valuations, to provide facilities for the acquisition of practical and theoretical knowledge of valuing, to conduct or approve examinations on all subjects relating directly or indirectly to valuations;
  5. to provide and encourage Continued Education and Training (CET) for its Members, acknowledging the need for all its Members to obtain such CET on an ongoing basis in the interests of the advancement of professional valuation standards;
  6. to take steps, initiate, promote, support and procure the adoption of such legislation relating to property valuation and to the general practice of valuation as may be necessary to ensure that only persons who have proved themselves competent to value property be allowed to practise as valuers and to seek to ensure that Membership of the Institute is accepted as proof of the said competence;
  7. to establish, insofar as practicable, uniform methods of valuing property;
  8. to adopt a recommended scale of fees and charges, as laid down by the National Executive from time to time, for valuing property, immovable or movable, and for other related services;
  9. to provide a forum for exchanges of views, to preserve and maintain its integrity and status and with all matters affecting the professional interest of its Members, and generally to promote the interests of the Institute and its Members;
  10. to promote friendly and good relations between Members, to provide for the amicable settlement or adjustment of professional disputes among Members and to regulate the professional conduct of Members;
  11. to establish a code of professional conduct and ethics for Members, and to take disciplinary action against defaulting Members;
  12. to print, publish and circulate among Members and other interested persons, papers, books, periodicals, circulars and other literature dealing with property valuation and related matters;
  13. to represent the collective views of its Members to related bodies, public authorities and to other interested organisations and persons;