Continued Education & Training (CET)

In terms of Clause 10 of the SAIV Constitution, each Member shall be encouraged to devote time to obtain CET hours.

The SAIV presents workshops and seminars to their members and other interested parties country wide at discounted prices in order for them to obtain CET hours.

The accumulation of CET Hours is a statutory requirement laid down by the SACPVP and contained in the Property Valuers Profession Act, 2000 (Act 47 of 2000)

Registration of a professional valuer or a single-residential property assessor will as from 1 April 2007 be for only 5 years, but it will be renewed if the SACPVP is satisfied that the conditions relating to CET have been complied with. See Board Notice 96 of 2006, Fifth Amendment to Rules, which was gazetted on 25 August 2006 (Gazette No. 29133).

The SACPVP has indicated that they are prepared to accept certified letters from the SAIV which indicate the number of CET Hours a member has achieved over the period.  The SAIV will continue with its work in education and all other aspects in conjunction with the SACPVP.

Attendees of SAIV workshops and seminars are presented with CET Confirmation Letters after each event. These letters need to be submitted to the SACPVP together with the SACPVP’s progress report for their record keeping.

The SACPVP’s CET guidelines and progress report are available to download below:

CET Activity Report

SACPVP CET Policy 2017