Should you contemplate on becoming a valuer it is your responsibility to confirm your career path with the SA Council for the Property Valuers Profession.

A valuer is a skilled professional person who determines the value of immovable property for various purposes. A great many decisions involving immovable property are made daily by individuals, companies, banks, central, provincial and local government, statutory institutions, etc. and in making these decisions the skilled valuer’s expertise is indispensable.

Valuations are required for: decision making when buying, selling or expropriating immovable property; deceased estates, mortgage bonds; levying of rates; insurance and investments purposes; rental determinations; leases; servitudes and for many other purposes.

In an ever changing economy, property values are never static and therefore a valuer has to continuously research economic trends, because they often have to predict future trends to make a valuation.

In summary, a valuer conducts valuations on residential, commercial, business, industrial and agricultural properties for a variety of purposes including sale, purchase, letting and mortgage.


  • Private sector
  • Department of Public Works
  • Department of Land Affairs
  • Local authorities
  • Estate agents
  • Property developers
  • Financial institutions

In order to pursue this profession legally, a valuer must be registered with the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession (SACPVP), a statutory body established in terms of the Property Valuers Profession Act, 2000 (Act Nr 23 of 2000).

In terms of the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession, Act 47 of 2000, a person who wishes to qualify for registration as either a Professional Associated valuer or Professional valuer must:

  • Receive an academic qualification in Property Valuation as per Point 4 of this document and simultaneously register at the South African Council for the Property Valuers Profession (SACPVP) as a Candidate Valuer.
  • Attend a Practical Workschool
  • Accumulate sufficient practical experience in property valuation as specified by the SACPVP, to register as a Professional or Professional Associated Valuer, depending on the experience obtained.
  • Work under supervision of a qualified valuer (Professional Valuer/Associated Valuer).
  • Pass the SACPVP Admission Examination for Professional Valuers or Admission Examination for Professional Associated Valuers.
  • During the period of registration as a Professional Valuer or Professional Associated Valuer, such a person must adhere to the CET hour requirements as laid down by the SACPVP.

It is recommended that Candidate valuers apply for Membership with the SA Institute of Valuers (SAIV) as Student members.

As indicated above an academic qualification as recognised by the SACPVP is required.  The following institution’s courses are accredited by the SACPVP:

University of Cape Town (Department of Construction Economics & Management)

  • Contact Betsie on 021 650 3443 (
  • BSc (Hons) Property Studies together with BSc (4 year degree) – Full Accreditation
  • Post Graduate Diploma Property Studies – Full Accreditation
  • MSc Property Studies– Full Accreditation


Cape Peninsula University of Technology

  • Contact Beryl Liebertrau on 021 460 3185
  • National Diploma Real Estate (Property Valuation) – Full Accreditation


University of the Witwatersrand (Wits University)

  • Contact David Root on 011 717 7669 or
  • BSc Property Studies (4 year degree) – Not yet accredited (Accreditation visit pending)


University of Johannesburg

  • Contact Andre Kruger on 011 559 2260
  • National Diploma Real Estate (Property Valuation) – Qualification discontinued end 2012. This diploma is accredited but no longer offered to new applicants meaning if you already have the qualification then the SACPVP will recognise it.
  • BCom (Hons) in Property Valuation & Management together with BCom Finance (4 year degree) or together with Advanced Diploma in Property Valuation & Management or bridging course – Full Accreditation.


University of Free State

  • Contact Benita Zulch on 051 401 3849
  • Master of Land and Property Development Management M.L.P.M. (M Prop): Property Valuation – Conditional Accreditation.


University of Pretoria (Department of Construction Economics)

  • Contact Chris Cloete or Douw Boshoff on 012 420 2554
  • MSc Real Estate – Full Accreditation.
  • BSc (Hons) Property Studies together with BSc (4 year degree) – Pending Accreditation.

These courses are as of April 2016, obtained from the SACPVP. The onus, however, rests on the prospective student to verify accreditation with the SACPVP prior to the commencement of studies. The Institute cannot be held responsible for any omissions or errors therein.

Bursaries are available from the SAIV’s National Bursary Fund. The following main selection criteria are stipulated:

  • The student must at least have successfully completed the first year and be entering the second year, or third year of study.
  • The student must be in need of financial assistance.
  • The recipient must be registered as a candidate with the SACPVP and be a Student member of the SAIV.


The SACPVP is the statutory body which controls and protects the valuation profession by means of the Valuers’ Act. In order to undertake valuations in South Africa, the valuer must be registered with the SACPVP.


  • To promote the common interests of persons carrying on the valuers’ profession;
  •  To establish uniform methods of valuing property;
  • To provide a forum for exchanges of views, to preserve and maintain its integrity and status and with all matters affecting the professional interest of its Members;
  • To establish a code of professional conduct;
  • Consults with the SACPVP to determine professional fees in accordance with relevant legislation.


  • Seminars for Continued Education and Training Hours (CET) at discounted prices;
  • THE SOUTH AFRICAN VALUER, a quarterly publication which is issued to all members of the SAIV;
  • Access to the International Valuation Standards (IVSs 2017)
  • Representation on government level when required;
  • A comprehensive website which provides members with a wealth of useful practical information;
  • An opportunity to network with other members at seminars and workshops;
  • Online membership list for access by the public when searching for a valuer;
  • Benefit from discounts on various profession-related products and services.

Contact the SACPVP on (012) 348 8643 should you have any further enquiries regarding academic qualifications or registration as a professional.

Alternatively contact the SAIV for further guidance and should you wish to enquire on membership with the SAIV.