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Penny Lindstrom | A Force to be reckoned with


October 10, 2022


Penny Lindstrom has been a force to reckon with!

It’s hard to pay homage to someone who has over 50 years of service within the valuation profession.  Perhaps the difficulty lies in the realization that there are no perfect words to sum up the wealth of experience, knowledge and accolades that are attached to Penny Lindstrom.

The SAIV Women’s Month campaign that was ran in August, sought to highlight women-owned and run companies within the valuers profession (sadly there are too little) and Penny Lindstrom Valuations was top of mind.

After working as a valuer at Rose-Innes Estate since 1972, Penny took a bold step and a giant leap of faith to open her own practice in 2010. The Eastern Cape based company has since continued to grow and develop and proudly employs 5 valuers and 3 support staff.

In asking what motivates her, Penny said “each day is different, and I have to apply my mind each time I do a valuation. One gets a sense of achievement when you have a satisfied client.”

Penny is a tenacious manager, and her work-ethic precedes her. Her staff say that one of the biggest learning points from her when doing a valuation, is to not take short cuts and to always inspect the property and to do so thoroughly. Although her diligence might paint her a strict person, Penny has been described as a caring leader who is empathetic. She mostly wears her mentorship hat when dealing with valuers and in this way, she has been able to impart and share her knowledge of the valuation profession which she is passionate about. Her strength also comes from assisting others and offering support to those around her who have the quest and vigor to reach their professional and life goals. This might have come easy to her because she was a teacher in her formative years.

Penny Lindstrom has been a member of the SAIV as early as the 1980s. She served on the Eastern Cape branch for many years and held roles as Chair and Vice-Chairperson of the branch.

Albeit sad, Penny’s retirement has been welcomed by her staff. They say she is taking a well-deserved break after a race well-run.

So, what can you expect from Penny after she retires? Well, some travelling amongst other things. Her career has taken her to many places within South Africa and beyond. She has forged great relationships with people which now form part of the legacy of Penny Lindstrom Valuations. Penny is also affectionately known as Granny Penny to many young kids who will now hopefully see more of her.

Again, it is difficult to capture the essence of 50 years in a single page, but we would like to raise a glass to Penny Lindstrom, who has been a leader, mover and game changer in the valuation profession!