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All you need to know about the property valuation roll 2024-2029

The draft general valuation roll is compiled by professional property valuers appointed by the municipality on a contract basis. POLOKWANE – Residents, in particular property owners, are urged to inspect the Polokwane Municipality’s 2024 to 2029 draft general valuation roll that will be available for scrutiny until April 30. A value on a local

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FNB commercial property finance property insights | February 2023

4th Quarter 2022 FNB Property Broker Survey – Property Brokers perceive the financial pressure-related selling motive to have been relatively stable recently. But selling in search of more reliable utilities and municipal services has become a far more important selling motive of late. In this note, we continue with the 4th quarter 2022 results of

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FNB Property Barometer | 14 February 2023

Residential property market outlook Annual house price growth moved lower in January Annual growth in the FNB House Price Index moved slightly lower in January, to 2.7% y/y from 2.9% in December (Figure 1). Segmented data shows that the slowdown is broadbased across price segments and major

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FNB Property Barometer | May 2022

FNB PROPERTY BAROMETER | MAY 2022 Key themes: Market volumes may have peaked, but they are still running above pre-pandemic levels. Bar the sentiment shock from the ongoing geopolitical tensions and devastating floods in some parts of the country, internal market strength indicators suggest relatively resilient market activity

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Exemplar REITail: Accelerating sustainability for township and rural retail in South Africa

In late 2017, rural retail experts, McCormick Property Development (MPD) embarked on their pilot solar PV rollout program at Olievenhout Plaza in Olievenhoutbosch, Gauteng. Fast forward five years and MPD has since listed its property portfolio and management business on the JSE as Exemplar REITail, investing over R100 million in 15 rooftop solar projects across its portfolio.

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FNB Property Barometer | March 2022

FNB PROPERTY BAROMETER | MARCH 2022 Key themes: Market volumes may have peaked, but still running above pre-pandemic levels. The affordable market has shown the strongest relative recovery in activity following a more pronounced decline in 2020, due to the harsher impact of the pandemic on lower-income households.

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Rode’s Retail Report

Latest Rode’s Retail Report forecasts continued slow retail sales growth in the face of rising inflation and interest rates In spite of the challenges of the past two years, the retail property market managed to recover reasonably well in 2021, according to the latest Rode’s Retail Report 2021:4. However, the report also notes that real

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FNB Property Barometer | January 2022

FNB PROPERTY BAROMETER | JANUARY 2022 Key themes: 4Q21 Market strength indicators show that growth in demand has moderated, but market volumes are still running above pre-pandemic levels. Deeds data, supported by internal applications volumes, shows that mortgage approvals in the first 9 months of 2021 were

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IVSC | Market Value: An Established Basis of Value

In our first perspectives paper, Challenges to Market Value, the IVSC Tangible Assets Board (TAB) explored a number of topics pertaining to Market Value, which is one of the most common basis of value used in valuations. Topics discussed included: Price versus value, relating various forms of market evidence to a basis of value, the

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Perspectives Paper: A Framework to Assess ESG Value Creation

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors have become a central tenet in many enterprises’ corporate strategy. While companies track and measure how certain investments impact their overall ESG ratings or performance, many often fail to effectively take the further step to estimate and then capture how such investments translate to return on investment.  Corporate

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