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Perspectives Paper: A Framework to Assess ESG Value Creation

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors have become a central tenet in many enterprises’ corporate strategy. While companies track and measure how certain investments impact their overall ESG ratings or performance, many often fail to effectively take the further step to estimate and then capture how such investments translate to return on investment.  Corporate

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Property trends pre-Covid and beyond: What’s going on?

The property market can be tough to navigate. There are many aspects that go into the valuation of a property and it can be overwhelming for those trying to make decisions regarding property sales, purchases, rentals or development. As a property valuer with years of experience in the valuations industry – and in training our next

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How Covid has changed the global real estate industry

Wearing a face covering and using hand sanitiser has quickly become the norm and each house-showing or open house event is made as sanitary as possible. From wearing masks in public to socialising from two metres apart, society is adapting to the rather unusual circumstances that have been brought about by Covid-19. As with all

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