Elton is a 22-year-old Candidate Valuer from Bronkhorstspruit, east of Pretoria, but currently resides in Kempton Park. I am recent graduate from the University of the Witwatersrand and hold an honours-equivalent degree in Bachelor of Science in Property Studies. My love for real estate, particularly topics relating sustainability, efficiency and finance drew me to the real estate programme offered at Wits. I am currently working for a joint venture (JV) between Opti Property Consultants and Black Dot Property Consultants as a candidate valuer. The JV operates from Glen Marais in Kempton Park.  

What drives you / motivates you?

The source of my motivation and drive is my urge to be best, that is, do everything to the best of my abilities. I am a fan of sharing knowledge. A good day for me is one where I get to learn something totally new, or otherwise teach a colleague something that makes their work life a tad bit efficient. It gives me peace that whatever information I share is the best and accurate. I also believe this quality is important given the nature of the work I do.

Why did you sign up for the mentorship programme?

I signed up for the SAIV mentorship programme with the intention to fast-track my learning and gathering of knowledge on valuation subjects. Valuation is a highly specialized field, as such, the teaching by tertiary institutions – as well-structured as they are – they are not sufficient to qualify one as a professional. Mentorship provides a stepping stone towards my development of skills that will empower me to be competent and proficient in conducting valuation assignments.

What has it meant for you?

More than anything, the mentorship programme was my gateway to entering the field of valuation. The disconnect between the professional environment and institutions of learning mean that students are not exposed to working professionals, and as such, aren’t able to source mentorship. The mentorship programme fills that gap. Hence, it was by means of the mentorship programme that I was able to register as a candidate valuer.

Secondly, the mentorship programme provided me access to valuation professionals – whom hold a range of skills, expertise and experience – and are always willing and able to assist with whatever challenges I come across in the completion of my assignments.

In addition to the mentorship programme itself, it was through SAIV’s careers portal that I was able to find employment as a candidate in my current employ. I would encourage anyone with an interest in valuations to take part in the mentorship programme, particularly students, recent graduates and young professionals.

Lastly, this is my thanks to the SAIV team for the amazing work they do in assisting young professionals like me.