Thank you SAIV for excellent, very informative webinars.  This is the future of continuous education and training.  Much better than the conventional seminars, where all info of various speakers are all cramped in, in one or two days.

A most informative session. I enjoy the differing viewpoints and questions posed. I think these webinars are important esp. in these unprecedented times and they are a good way to  share knowledge  within the industry.

Well done to the team, maybe webinars are the way forward , except for the country seminar.

Keep on keeping the valuation profession abreast of market developments in the various property sectors.

I appreciate all the effort that goes into these webinars. It is much appreciated.

I have learnt a lot, this could be so helpful for my final exams

Good presentations with wealth of information.  Helped us to understand operations at different sections in the industry. Looking forward to more of such enriching toppics in the future.

Excellent webinar, well run & a great idea to assist valuers to get CPD points. It’s great to be able to see / watch talks from all over SA.

Thank you SAIV for excellent, very informative webinars.  This is the future of continuous education and training.  Much better than the conventional seminars, where all info of various speakers are all cramped in, in one or two days.

Keep on keeping the valuation profession abreast of market developments in the various property sectors.

I appreciate all the effort that goes into these webinars. It is much appreciated.

Thank you for your continued efforts to keep your members up to date with developments that are crucial to the profession.

Thank you for the effort you put in to bring these seminars to us.

Very informative presentation and discussion. Much appreciated.

The presentation by Nicky was one of the best webinars I have experienced from the Institute. A real quality presentation.

The Remo platform was very great and it made this event feel so real. I really enjoyed it although It was difficult at first.

I would like to commend you for teaming up with Remo – very exciting and looking forward to future interactions in this manner! Also, for keeping ahead with technology during Covid-periods and providing continued CET webinars – your efforts are much appreciated. Also, thank you for the initiative to update our CET points directly with SACPVP – it makes our work less, and again, the efforts are so much appreciated! It looks like you have established a formidable team at SAIV, we are privileged to be associated with your team. Keep up the good work. Stay safe!

Well-presented webinar. Very interactive platform.

Webinar was very informative. Presenters are clearly very knowledgeable.

Presentation is very informative. Thank you.

Thank you once again to all at the SAIV for all your hard work

Thank you very much. Highly appreciate. Will definitely attend again.

Well planned. Good speakers. Good info.

Thanks for the webinars, chance to get those CET points and learn something new.

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Note: Any consent granted or deemed to have been granted in terms of the Subdivision of Agricultural Land Act, is to remain valid for the specified period or if not specified, for 5 years from the date that the Draft Bill is enacted and has commenced.

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The Institute is dedicated to serving, advancing, and protecting the valuation profession and looking after the interests of members by advancing high ethical standards for members of the valuation profession, in the best interests of the public.

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The objectives of the Institute are:

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The SAIV is a collective body (custodians) that lobbies and promotes, on behalf of Members, for the betterment and growth of the industry, maintaining and delivering international best practices to protect and ensure the continuity of the profession.

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