From the President’s Desk

Welcome to 2021

In welcoming you to 2021, I would also like to touch on our successes of last year.
Our Mentorship Programme bloomed with close to 200 Mentees on board through both intakes. We had a few of our Mentees writing their board exams with SACPVP and some more who found full-time employment.

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From the GM’s Office

Dear Members

With a heavy heart, I’d like to start off by sending a message of condolences to the families of the Members we lost in 2020 as well as during the start of the New Year; Robert Breet, Allison Stober, Hennie Enslin, Christiaan de Wet, Marc Prins, Ashan Kunda and Denis Parsons will be dearly missed. As the Institute, our collective hearts are heavy with sadness and sympathy and we’d like to wish their families, colleagues and loved ones, strength and love during this difficult time.

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IVSC eNews

The International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) is a not-for-profit organisation that acts as the global standard setter for the valuation profession, serving the public interest. The IVSC is unique in the role it plays as a valuation standard setter. It is not a valuation trade body. The IVSC is a leader in the mission to raise standards of international valuation practice and is overseen by an independent board of global leaders.

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Valuers request government to accelerate infrastructure development

The South African Institute of Valuers (SAIV) has welcomed the State of the Nation Address (SONA) by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday, 11 February. The South African Institute of Valuers, founded in 1909, is the national society of professional real estate valuers.

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Introducing 2021 Branch Executives

On Friday, 26 February, SAIV hosted the 2021 Branch Annual General Meetings across all the SAIV regions. These events were hosted on a virtual platform for the first time in the Institute’s 111 year history. The AGMs were preceded by an Economic Outlook webinar featuring Nedbank Senior Economist, Nicky Weimar, who gave a very insightful talk on the state of our economy and projected growth. See below the 2021 Branch Executives.

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SAIV Social Media Growth In 2021

Social media is undoubtedly a valuable tool for the South African Institute of Valuers and this has been proven over the past few years. Our presence on the different social media platforms has been necessitated by the digital migration that has allowed us to embrace the adoption of technology in order to keep up with current trends.

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Remote Working Challenges In Sectional Title Complexes

Covid-19 has changed the way that we live and work. Working from home has become the new normal for many. Predictions vary, but it is likely that more employers will let some employees work from home when the Covid-19 crisis is behind us.

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Articles of Interest

We have come across a number of interesting industry related articles that may be of interest to SAIV Members.

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