You are a prospective developer, looking for the ideal parcel of land that you may develop between 6 to 12 single storey townhouse units, including 2 x carports for each unit.

The units will be about 150 m² in size and will comprise 3 x bedrooms, 2 x bathrooms, open plan kitchen, lounge and dining room. You would like to include a clubhouse and swimming pool, but this is not your primary focus. Each unit will be situated on an erf measuring ± 250, allowing for each unit to have a small garden.

Various prospective sales are listed below, of which you need to choose the one that best suites your needs.

You need to analyse each sale very carefully to make the right choice for your development.

The criteria to consider when choosing your property is the following:

Locality – you need to look carefully at locality in terms of demand for the type of units you want to develop.

Zoning – investigate which zoning will be most beneficial to you for what you have planned. If the zoning of the sales is not within the framework of “highest and best use” at present, you will need to rezone the property to suite your needs.

Size – the size of your sale determines the quantity of units you are able to develop. Remember to make provision for driveways and internal roads.

Municipal Services – carefully consider the availability of services and where the service points are situated in terms of your developable area.

Resources to use:

  1. The Local Authority

Your local authority can provide you with information regarding building density, i.e., allowable dwelling per hectare. You will also be able to obtain zoning information for each land parcel you are investigating to establish what the permitted use is on the land parcel and if it will suite your needs immediately or is you should consider rezoning.

You may approach the town planning department to source this information.

2. Free Cadastral Software

This is a free Cadastral Website you may download for future reference. It also allows you to link a cadastral parcel of land with Google Earth so that you may plot the aerial location of the cadastral map.

You may also use this Cadastral Website to local the land parcel you are investigating.

3. Research

There is a mass amount of information available for research purposes on the internet. You can acquire journals and periodicals on property market trends globally. However, this is often very overwhelming in terms of the volume of information available, so be very careful when researching the property market on the internet.

Your search must be very specific and you need to be sure that your information source is reliable.

Various organisation provides periodical property market information. Unfortunately, this information is not free!! You either need to subscribe or purchase this information. This is were the valuers network comes into play. Build a good network of valuer acquaintances and friends who are willing to share information and assist when you have a problem.

Property valuations is not a closed career field; it is dynamic and changing everyday and it relies on your ability to network.

Enjoy the process!!!

It is very hard work and you need to really apply your mind, but the rewards are indescribable.

If you have any questions, which we expect you to have, please contact any of the mentors for guidance. We are here to assist you.

Sales you need to consider:

  1. Erf 15015 Kimberley
Asking PriceDeeds Extent
R900 0001200.0 m²
  • Erf 35969 Kimberley
Asking PriceDeeds Extent
R9 000 0009035.0 m²
  • Erf 42652 Kimberley
Asking PriceDeeds Extent
R2 300 0004498.0 m²
  • Erf 18515 Kimberley
Purchase PriceDeeds Extent
R3 000 0006897.0 m²