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Understanding Valuation Reports | Part 2

Can valuation reports influence the market price of a property? Yes, valuation reports can indeed influence the market price of a property. Valuation reports are prepared by professional valuers who assess various factors such as the property's location, size, condition, comparable sales data, and market trends to determine its estimated value. These reports

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Understanding Valuation Reports | Part 1

Good property valuation reports must flow in a logical, sensible manner that is easily followed by the reader and should be based on a thorough understanding of the property market and the specific property being valued. The written report is the only tangible product delivered to the client; if it is not well written,

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Property Valuations 101

Written by: Jenny Falck Even though the property valuation profession in South Africa has a much larger profile than, say, 20 years ago, there are still many myths and uncertainties surrounding the profession, the environment in which it operates and the reasons for its existence. It is therefore essential that the What, Why, Who and

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The role of a bank’s authorised Valuer

One of the roles of the property valuer is to value a home. How they do that is based on a large number of factors, not least of which is an understanding of market conditions, local market demand, and previous sales in the locale among them. The South African Institute of Valuers (SAIV) is

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Property Valuation as a career | SAIV

Valuation as a career | Pelo Khasu How to Become a Valuer | Dianne de Wet Should you contemplate on becoming a valuer it is your responsibility to confirm your career path with the SA Council for the Property Valuers Profession. 1. BACKGROUND A valuer

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How to Become a Valuer | Dianne de Wet

Dianne de Wet is a member of the South African Institute of Valuers (SAIV) National Executive and has been involved in the property industry since 1993. In this interview, she provides us with more insight on how one can become a valuer.

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