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Reflecting on the Northern Branch Seminar: An Insightful Experience


November 14, 2023


The SAIV Northern Branch Seminar took place on 15-16 September 2023 at Premier Hotel Roodevalley. Amongst the delegates was Tshepo Mosiane, one of the lucky winners of a complimentary seminar ticket. Tshepo entered the competition as a mentee of the SAIV Mentorship Programme and came out top as he raced against time to be the first participant to achieve a score of 100% in a quiz that had been set up as part of the competition. Two other mentees enjoyed the same fate as winners of complimentary tickets from a competition that was run on social media.

We thank our sponsors for paying it forward by creating opportunities for aspiring valuers and giving them a glimpse of life within the valuation profession.

We caught up with Tshepo to learn about his experience. Here’s what he had to say.

Title: Reflecting on the Northern Branch Seminar: An Insightful Experience


My name is Tshepo Mosiane, and I am a young professional with a passion for property valuations. Attending the Northern Branch Seminar was an incredible opportunity that I won through my dedication to the field. In this article, I will share my experience at the seminar, highlighting the best aspects, favourite presentations, challenges, and the impact it had on my career aspirations.

Winning the Ticket

Winning a ticket to the Northern Branch Seminar was a dream come true. As a young and aspiring valuer, I was eager to expand my knowledge and network with industry experts. I achieved this through my active involvement in the SAIV Mentorship program, where I was recognized for my commitment and enthusiasm for property valuations.

The Best Aspects of the Event

The Northern Branch Seminar was a well-organized and enlightening event. One of the best aspects was the diverse range of presentations and topics covered. From legal frameworks to valuation methodologies, the seminar offered a comprehensive overview of the property valuation field. The opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals and gain insights into their experiences was invaluable.

Favourite Presentations

Among the various presentations, one stood out as my favourite. This was the session on “Valuation Methodologies for Servitudes,” which explored the complexities of valuing properties encumbered by servitudes. The detailed insights provided by the speaker and the President of SAIV Ms Di de Wet, allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of this specialized area within property valuations.

Meeting Expectations

The Northern Branch Seminar exceeded my expectations in many ways. Not only did it offer a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities, but it also allowed me to interact with professionals who share my passion for property valuations. The event’s well-structured agenda and the expertise of the presenters made it a truly enriching experience.

Challenges and Overcoming Them

While the seminar was an enriching experience, there were a few challenges I encountered. Understanding some of the complex content of certain presentations proved to be a hurdle. To overcome this, I took diligent notes and engaged in post-event discussions with fellow attendees and speakers. This collaborative approach helped me gain better clarity on challenging topics.

Impact on My Career Choice

After attending the Northern Branch Seminar, I am more convinced than ever that pursuing a career in property valuations is the right choice for me. The insights and knowledge gained from the event reinforced my passion for this field and motivated me to continue my professional development in property valuations.

Overall Experience

My overall experience at the Northern Branch Seminar was highly positive. I left the event feeling inspired, informed, and enthusiastic about the future of property valuations. The connections I made with industry professionals and the knowledge I acquired have been instrumental in shaping my career path.

Benefits for Young Aspiring Valuers

Young aspiring valuers can benefit immensely from attending such events. These seminars offer a platform to learn from experts, gain exposure to industry trends, and build valuable networks. It’s an opportunity to discover various facets of property valuations and make informed decisions about one’s career path.

Catering to Young Aspiring Valuers

While the Northern Branch Seminar was a fantastic experience, it is crucial for events like these to continue catering to young aspiring valuers. Providing mentorship programs, workshops specifically designed for newcomers, and opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange can enhance the overall value of such seminars for young professionals.

In conclusion

The Northern Branch Seminar was a transformative experience that reaffirmed my passion for property valuations.