My name is Zizipho Sobekwa, I am 25 years old and I am originally from Eastern Cape, Butterworth. I matriculated in 2013, I then relocated to Cape town to start my career in Real Estate at Cape Peninsula University of Technology. After 3 years of studying at CPUT I obtained my National Diploma in Real Estate then worked for Public works extended programme which was an internship in being an Estate Agent.

I continued furthering my studies at CPUT in 2019 and I got a Btech in Project Management. I am currently working as a Personal financial advisor at Old Mutual and I am fully accredited to assist people in order to reach their financial goals.

I have always admired buildings as a whole, be it their design or the process in which they are constructed. Growing up I have always wondered how people came up with Property values and had researched. Before I had all the answers, I realised that Property valuations is a central function that underpins all property transactions and ownership and it is still not fully understood for the competitive advantage it offers.

I then became inspired to study the qualification to close the gap by providing information to as many people as possible, in my best ability to help them understand what the worth of their properties is and what it implies in current markets.

What drives you / motivates you?

I am highly motivated by professional growth, working with people in share the same common goal with and I find developing industry knowledge and up-skilling really valuable.

Why did you sign up for the mentorship programme?

The shortage of Mentors is the greatest problem confronting this industry, I signed up for this programme because I have seen an opportunity to develop myself and gain all knowledge available to expand the industry by supporting other aspiring Property valuers in future programmes/classes and generations.

What has it meant for you?

With guidance from experts and people who are actively involved in the industry means I have an opportunity to learn skills and qualities that I can put into practice in my career.

Benefiting from knowledgeable Mentors and networking with qualified Property valuers is a beneficial opportunity which would have been impossible to get had it not been for SAIV.

This programme so far has allowed me to further improve my expertise and abilities to build my portfolio of professional experience.