A number of membership categories are available.

Student members
Full members
Fellow Members
Life Members
Honorary Members
Non-Practising Members
Retired Members
Non-Resident Members
Non-Resident Affiliate Members

Student Members
Being persons of good character, reputation and mental health who are registered with an educational institution accredited by the RICS or SACPVP for the purpose of completing a prescribed course in property valuation or who are registered as Candidate Valuers with the SACPVP or who have completed their studies and have the intention of registering as a Candidate Valuer.

Full Member
Being Members other than Fellows, Honorary Members,  Life Members, Retired Members, Non Practising Members or Student Members, who shall be registered as Professional Valuers or Professional Associated Valuers with the SACPVP and be entitled to use the designation ‘Member of the South African Institute of Valuers’ and the letters MIVSA

Non-Resident Members
This category is aimed at persons who, having previously obtained any category of membership of the Institute, now reside outside of the borders of South Africa, and who do not practice in South Africa.

Non-Resident Affiliate Members
Persons who are members of a property valuation association or institute with objectives similar to those of the Institute who are based outside the borders of South Africa;  or persons in such countries where there is no such property valuation association or institute, who either belong to a professional real estate body with wider objectives, within which a significant number of its members are involved in property valuation activity, or have such higher academic qualifications, and / or practical experience in the field of property valuation, as the National Executive in its sole discretion deems sufficient, and who have, on written application, and in the sole discretion of the National Executive, been admitted as Affiliates in terms of Regulations laid down from time to time by the National Executive.